Here at Michigan Sandblasting, Inc., we do quality sandblasting and powder coating for a wide range of products. We provide residential and commercial services to individuals and businesses all throughout Michigan.

In today’s society, the general public tends to throw items away because they are old, dirty, and worn. Little do they know there are many objects that can be made to look good as new through on of our many services. We can restore the look of items ranging from your mailbox to your vehicle, let our team of expert professionals help you make your latest project look good as new.


Sandblasting or blasting with garnet is the preferred method for removing rust, scale, and paint from most steel items. Using garnets not only cleans the metal, but also prepares the surface achieving different profiles for paint adhesion. Using different sizes of media allows us to achieve a smaller or larger size of angular tooth profile when specific specifications are called for.


We offer a full range of professional, custom powder coating solutions for any home, business or industrial need. Our state-of-art facility offers all the latest tools and equipment to ensure the highest quality in powder coating, heat coating, enamel coating and more. Visit these websites – Prismatic Powders and IFS Coatings – to view the available colors.


Glass Beads are spherical media best used for polishing or achieving a satin like finish on most metals. It does its best when used on aluminum or stainless to disguise weld discoloration when a uniform finish is required. This media can also be used in some cases to remove rust from machined surfaces without compromising current tolerances.


Sodium Bicarbonate or Walnut shells are a good choice when paint has to be removed from thin gauge metals. Both of these Medias do not generate heat so they will not warp the metal, allowing us to remove paint from car shells, doors, hoods, deck lids, and other thinner gauged metals. Although these Medias are designed for removing paint without warping, they will not remove heavy rust. Often a two-stage process is necessary for some projects. Other unique attributes for Soda can also be used around bearings and other moving parts because it is water-soluble.


Shot Peening is a process of shooting various sizes of steel bb’s at designated areas of parts to strengthen the life of such areas. The shot or bb’s realign the surface molecules to stop microscopic cracks from forming. This process is widely used in the automotive industry to lengthen the life of such parts like rear ends, housing, connecting rods, crank shafts, and more.


Metalizing is a process of spraying molten metal on objects that have been worn down past the designed tolerances, so they can be machined into a like new product. Almost any kind of metal can be sprayed, Aluminum (for rust proofing engine headers), stainless, cooper, zinc, and more.